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File:Image name.jpg
Hunt Name: Mobius Research
BANG #: 22
Location: San Rafael (game map)
Host: The Smoking GNU
Date: 04/18/2009
Winning team(s): CRANEA
Official website: None
Results: PDF
Hunt Pictures: None
Event Writeups: None
Previous BANG: BANG 20: Get Lucky!
Next BANG Bang 21

Important Note[edit]

Yes, BANG 22 took place before BANG 21. The Burninators had already been working on their 21-themed BANG before The Smoking GNU announced that they were running the next BANG. They agreed to change the numbering to 22, thus creating a BANG numbering issue that was to last for years.


On April 18, 2009, thirty-three teams gathered in San Rafael to play in BANG 22 - Mobius Research. It is one of the few BANGs to be held in the North Bay. As a simulcast of SNAP 5, the hunt was longer and more challenging that a standard BANG: It ended after eight hours of puzzling. The fastest team took nearly six hours to complete the hunt; more than half the teams did not finish.

  • The story of the hunt told of a research institute that had a doctor who discovered time travel. Unfortunately, his experiment went wrong and he was trapped living the same day again and again. He left notes around town, trying to get people to help him.
  • Teams were guided from puzzle site to puzzle site by use of photographs of the city. Those photos were later used in a post-meta puzzle.
  • SNAP 5 made use of many local landmarks in their puzzles. Because of this, many of the BANG puzzles had to be rewritten or replaced altogether in order to fit with the Bay Area location.


Points-wise, there was a three-way tie between Blood & Booze, CRANEA, and Universal Bat Solvent, all having received a perfect score. CRANEA had the fastest time and was thus declared the winner.

The Burninators were the fastest team overall, completing the hunt in under six hours, the only team to do so.


Name Puzzle Solution Notes
1. Journal PDF TXT Adjusted from SNAP puzzle to fit with Albert Park starting location.
2. Graffiti PDF TXT
3. Calendar PDF TXT
4. Chessboard Easy PDF / Hard PDF TXT The difference between the hard and easy versions was the difficulty of the crossword clues and the checkerboard pattern on some of the pieces. Radically changed from SNAP version.
5. Gridworks PDF TXT Image of partial solution is here. Image of final solution is here.
6. Symbols PDFInstall Data PDF TXT Location specific identifiers adapted from SNAP 5 (it used a sculpture garden), otherwise the same puzzle.
7. New Arrivals PDF TXT Required the magazine lineup from the San Rafael library to solve. Completely different than the SNAP 5 puzzle, which dealt with historical inaccuracies.
8. Word Salad PDF TXT Was presented in a salad bowl with real croutons and parmesan cheese.
9. Cipher Easy PDF Hard PDF Wiki Two version of the puzzle were handed out. The solutions were the same, only some of the clues were easier in one version. The harder version was handed out to a handful of faster teams. Although based on the SNAP 5 version (which was only handed out to slow down advanced teams), it was rewritten from the ground up for this BANG.
10. Echoes n/a n/a The Echo puzzles were not mini clues in the traditional sense; they did not solve to a single solution, but instead were paired with one of the previous clues for the meta.
A. Poetry PDF TXT A printing error (some apostrophes printed wrong) caused some confusion on this puzzle. An original puzzle for BANG 22
B. Questions? PDF TXT An original puzzle for BANG 22
C. Inbox PDF TXT
D. Journal PDF TXT
E. Chessmen PDF Wiki As an installation puzzle, only the coversheet for the clue was produced. See the solution for the placement of the pieces.
F. Rebus PDF TXT Custom puzzle for the BANG. Did not go over well, partly due to the use of an exclamation point in a negate connotation.
G. Sets PDF TXT Custom puzzle for the BANG.
1. Journal PDF TXT
1. Journal PDF TXT
1. Journal PDF TXT

2. Graffiti 3. Calendar 4. Chessboard 5. Gridworks 6. Symbols 7. New Arrivals 8. Word Salad 9. Cipher 10. Echoes

 a. Poetry
 b. Questions?
 c. Inbox
 d. Chessmen
 e. Rebus
 f. Sets
 g. Rags
 h. Alphabet Soup
 i. Paraphrases

11. Meta 12. Ransom Note is where the puzzles are located. Eventually, they will be linked directly here.

BANG 22 Solutions - will be linked to directly after the puzzles are up