Continental Breakfast

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What is now Continental Breakfast has been fluid in both composition and name ever since <a href="/index.php/Bang_6" title="Bang 6">Bang 6</a>. No two of our teams have consisted of the same subset of the following people:

David Varodayan, Justin Ghan, Dan Mathews, Prasad Ganesan, Rebecca Weisinger, Ian Tullis, Norman Do, Grace Gao, Aditya Mavlankar, Anne Aaron, Shantanu Rane, Laura Diaz, Ocie Ward, Kris Hauch, Dahlia Weiss, Erick Delage, Joyce Bernas, Daniel Ford, Jasmine Mohiuddin, Priya Prasad and Alastair Matheson.

We have variously competed as

  • Continental Breakfast (<a href="/index.php/Bang_6" title="Bang 6">Bang 6</a>, <a href="/index.php/Bang_11" title="Bang 11">Bang 11</a>, <a href="/index.php/Bang_12" title="Bang 12">Bang 12</a>, <a href="/index.php/Bang_14" title="Bang 14">Bang 14</a>, <a href="/index.php/Bang_16" title="Bang 16">Bang 16</a> and <a href="/index.php/Bang_17" title="Bang 17">Bang 17</a>)
  • Belligerent Berkeley Badgers (<a href="/index.php/Bang_6" title="Bang 6">Bang 6</a>)
  • Kangaroo Billabong (<a href="/index.php/Bang_8" title="Bang 8">Bang 8</a>)
  • Formatted to Fit Your Screen (<a href="/index.php/Bang_9" title="Bang 9">Bang 9</a>)
  • Number 2 Pencil (<a href="/index.php/Bang_10" title="Bang 10">Bang 10</a>)
  • Garlic Fries (Park Challenge 4)
  • Little Lunch (<a href="/index.php/Bang_12" title="Bang 12">Bang 12</a>)
  • Condimental Bratwurst (<a href="/index.php/Bang_13" title="Bang 13">Bang 13</a> and <a href="/index.php/Bang_16" title="Bang 16">Bang 16</a>)

We hosted <a href="/index.php/Bang_15" title="Bang 15">Bang 15</a>: Bang Appétit on Saturday April 8, 2006, in Petaluma.