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The story behind Tag and Release So... ummm...

The Core

  • Tracy Lou
  • Felix Hu
  • Andreas Sundquist
  • Ben Phipps

Bang 13 - SF Yerba Buena Gardens[edit]

  • Tag and Release

Bang 12 - San Mateo[edit]

  • Tag and Release
    • Tracy, Andreas, Felix, Ben
    • John Rice, Bill Dwyer
  • Placement: 7
  • Comments:
    • Damn, Andreas and Felix could sure scurry like a crab. Ben, where were the soccer skills?
    • Great location choice. 2 blocks from Tracy's apt.
    • Very balanced puzzles overall -- nothing too hard or too easy.
    • Yay! Didn't take a clue on the shirt puzzle. Hmm... we always work the fastest on the food-related puzzles... maybe we should always go these events without eating.

Bang 11 - Mountain View[edit]

  • Tag and Release
    • Tracy, Andreas, Felix
    • Scott Heise, Francis
  • Placement:
  • Comments:
    • 4th team to get to the last clue, but the damn boba place kept calling us over. Couldn't let it go to waste.
    • Legos are awesome.

Bang 10 - Google Campus[edit]

  • Body Flix
    • Tracy, Andreas, Felix, Ben
    • Suzanne Chan
  • Placement:
  • Comments:
    • It was late. We were hungry. Dog biscuits are edible. Don't let it go to waste.
    • Damn big red balls. The key was to get a small one.

Sealed With A Bang - Stanford[edit]

  • Revolutions on the Inside
    • Tracy, Andreas, Felix, Ben
    • Andrew Sakai
  • Placement: Not Top 10 (see Comments)
  • Comments:
    • We were sabatoged - received a wrong sweetheart in the first clue that put us way behind.
    • Binary cakes definitely in top 5 favorite clues.
    • Even though 2 members were lactose intolerant, the cracker cakes were good. Couldn't let it go to waste.

Bang 6 - Palo Alto[edit]

  • Tracers
    • Tracy, Andreas, Felix
    • Kyna Fong, Kevin Chan, Vishal Srivastava
  • Placement: 11???
  • Comments:
    • Went to the hotel to get a hint but nobody at the hotel knew what we were talking about. =\